I’m a visual development artist based in London, passionate about visual storytelling.

I make my own comics and love to create characters and environments for stories, particularly at pre-production stage. I'm good at sketching, drawing, concept art, storyboarding, illustration and visual development. I love cinema, animation, comics and videogames art.

I’m from Galicia (Spain) and studied the BA in Fine Arts in Salamanca and Valencia specializing in illustration, visual development and pre-production of cinema and animation. While studying, I worked as a graphic designer for a music agency and in a contemporary art education project in a primary school. I also studied an MA in Art Education in Madrid where I worked as an Art Assistant Teacher in a secondary school.

I live in London since 2012 where I worked as a graphic designer, drawing teacher, photographic technician and illustrator. I'm also skilled at 3D modeling and have production experience in 3D animation working on modeling, shading, shot layout, lighting and animation.

I'm an Adobe Mentor since 2015 and give feedback and advice about illustration, concept art and visual development in the Adobe Creative Career server in Discord.

I'm an experienced illustrator and exhibited my work in Valencia, Madrid, A Coruña and London.
I love making comics, you can read some in my COMICs WEBSITE!! I'm currently working on the first issue of my new comic Salamanca Blues from my project The Earth Blues Series and I'll be very soon uploading concept art and character studies along some of the pages. Keep an eye on this site and on social media.

If you are interested in my work, want to say hello or have a project in mind that involves storyboarding, concept art or visual development, fill in the form below:
Thank you!
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