I’m an artist that loves visual storytelling, I like making comics, illustrations, concept art and life drawing. I like to visualize and create characters and environments for stories, particularly at pre-production stage.


I’m from Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. I studied the first years of my BA in Fine Arts in Salamanca and the last three in Valencia where I focused on illustration and pre-production of film and animation. While studying for my BA in Valencia, I worked as in-house designer for a music agency and in a contemporary art education project in a primary school.

During my studies in Valencia I wrote the story and developed the concept art of Xx Valkyrie Project, that would take the form of two sci-fi illustrated books by the end of my degree. This experience triggered my passion for concept art and visual storytelling.

Then I studied an MA in Art Education in Madrid where I worked as Art Assistant Teacher in a secondary school.

After my studies, I moved to London where I’ve worked as graphic designer, drawing teacher, imaging specialist, photo-lab technician and illustrator.

I’ve exhibited my illustration work in Valencia, Madrid, A Coruña and London.


I write and draw my own comics. I'm creating The Earth Blues Series, a compilation of short stories about we, humans, and our planet. You can read the first two stories Marghera Blues and Forehead Blues in this website. I’m also working on my own graphic novel, Angel People, a stylized vision of my life experiences in London. I wrote the story inspired on Angel Islington, the Caribbean community, the London music scene and my own identity as a female Galician emigrant.


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