This is Starbot, Hacedor de Planetas. My first Blender project! I designed this 3D robot and animated it completely in Blender. Here's the video:
Here are some screenshots of the early designs of Starbot when I was considering a sort of shell where the planets would be resting. In the end, I removed the shell to improve it:
Once I removed the shell, I was happy with the overall design but I decided to improve the articulation of  the arms. It's been a work in progress as I was learning Blender while doing it.
The process was a lot of fun, I learned so many things including how to create complex materials and how to use particles!
Thanks to Luis Arizaga from whom I learned modelling with Blender and to Derek Elliot's Planetary tutorial where I learned the basics of animation.

Thanks also to Francesco de Manincor who put music and sound design to my animation :)

This project was a lot of fun! Below, some stills of the video:
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