Following the style and concept of Soul Monkeys, this summer I've done a new illustration for photographer Magnus Arrevad. This time, a portrait of four members of a family in an autumn scene, with forest and sea.

I started the project with a round of sketches of the models to get familiar with the facial features. Then I drew poses, actions and possible scenes. Below some of the sketches and composition studies I did:
This is the final sketch, an A2 pencil on paper:
I scanned this final sketch and printed it in a very light blue colour. Then, I drew on the print with blue micromine to redefine the shapes and decide the final lines. After this, I inked the drawing by hand with black pen. Scanned again and used Photoshop to get rid of the blue hues in order to get only the outlines. Then, colour, cell shading, lightings and a dash of texture.
The final artwork was printed on Fine Art paper at Bayeux lab in London.
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