2020. I created the animation for the song On The Jolly Boat by Marcia Mello, about a Little Prince and a Sea Captain, inspired by a XIX Century tin toy and a contemporary poem by Kevin Devaney.

I designed the characters, the story and made the 2D animation. I did all the artwork in Photoshop and used After Effects for animating and editing. Below you can watch the animation and see the character designs and turnaround sheets.

Music composed & performed by Marcia Mello
Lyrics by Kevin Devaney
French Translation by Louise Delucinge
Saxophone by Justin Semmens
Characters, artwork, story and animation by Alba Ceide

All content copyright 2020 by the respective creators

This is the Jolly Boat Penny Toy (Issmayer, Germany circa 1860) that inspired the song, and it was also my inspiration to create the characters.
Below, the turnaround sheet with the character designs I created: The Sea Captain and The Little Prince.
This is how I developed the characters:
I drew this expression sheet that helped me to draw the characters in different moods when creating the final artwork of the animation.
These are studies of the other character of the story, the Little Girl who plays the call horn:
Once I had the characters and the story, I made a few paintings to picture the characters in the environment of the animation.
I made a storyboard to plan the animation. Below there's one of the pages but you can see the whole storyboard in the following link https://albaceide.myportfolio.com/on-the-jolly-boat-storyboard
And here there are some photogramas of the final animation:
Thanks to Justin for including me in this project.
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