This is a character design I did based on the musician Marcia Mello. First I did sketches and pencil studies to understand her anatomy, gestures and personality. Then I scanned the final drawing to work on it digitally: I used SketchBook Pro to draw the outlines and Photoshop to do the colouring.

You can watch below a couple of making of videos of my illustration:
This is the first video where I draw the lines in SketchBook Pro. The song is Hobo Stew from Marcia Mello's new album West End Lane Blues. I'm very happy that this illustration is now the cover of the album!

This is the second part of the digital painting, it shows the colouring in Photoshop. The song is Key To The Highway from the album West End Lane Blues of Marcia Mello, I hope you enjoy it!
You can also see the illustation and the sketches in the following link:
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