The Eight of Hearts is a trilogy of illustrations commissioned by Martin Halfhide to convey his thoughts on the symbolism of the playing card with eight hearts.
This is the second part of The Height of Hearts.
After exploring a few other ideas, I sketched the scene below with the character sitting on a throne. It's pencils on paper.
The sketch was good and I developed a dramatic and intense scene, with fire, darkness and death. I researched on classic oil paintings to take inspiration from their composition and I took on board the golden ratio to arrange the elements of my drawing.
Below, the two final studies in which I developed the narrative of ruins on fire. These two drawings below are pencil on A3 paper.
The drawing just above was the final sketch, the one that I would use like a base for the final drawing. I printed this sketch in a very light blue colour and draw the final scene with various colour micromines and graphite pencil. Below, photos with details I took of the drawing:
The final drawing is 90x127 cm pencil and pen on paper.
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