The Eight of Hearts is a trilogy of illustrations I did for Martin Halfhide to convey his thoughts on the symbolism of the playing card with eight hearts.
This is the second part of The Height of Hearts.
After exploring a few other ideas, I sketched the scene below with the character sitting on a throne. It's pencils on paper.
The sketch was good and I developed a dramatic and intense scene, with fire, darkness and death. I researched on classic oil paintings to take inspiration from their composition and I took on board the golden ratio to arrange the elements of my drawing.
Below, the two final studies in which I developed the narrative of ruins on fire. These two drawings below are pencil on A3 paper.
The drawing just above was the final sketch, the one that I would use like a base for the final drawing. I printed this sketch in a very light blue colour and draw the final scene with various colour micromines and graphite pencil. Below, photos with details I took of the drawing:
The final drawing is 90x127 cm pencil and pen on paper.
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