The Lucky Horn is an unfoldable paper minicomic I created about an unlucky crazy cat with a saw... It's a metanarrative where the characters interact with the reader who will have to follow their instructions to unfold the comic. The physical experience of reading the paper comic is unique, but I wanted to translate it to digital... so I created the motion comic and you can watch it right here:
Do you feel lucky to get the original printed comic of The Lucky Horn??? you may be lucky...

I created this minicomic for the Lucky WIP Anthology Collection, a compilation of minicomics from various artists of the London's WIP Comics group. This year's anthology comes in the form of a Mystery Envelope! and in September you'll be able to get your one here
Each envelope contains a physical random selection of minicomics (The Lucky Horn may be one of them...) and a link to a digital version of all the comics.

and if you Don't feel lucky...
No problem, if you were not lucky enough to get your physical The Lucky Horn comic in the Lucky WIP anthology, you'll be able to get it in selected comic shops in London (England), A Coruña (Spain) and Venice (Italy). The printed versions are available in English, Spanish, Galician and Italian. At the end of September I'll publish here the list of places where you can get your original THE LUCKY HORN comic.

there's even more... THE LUCKY HORN SHOP
If you would like to support me to make more comics, visit THE LUCKY HORN SHOP
There's a wide range of merchandise, take a look!
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