Xx Valkyrie Project is a story I wrote and illustrated at the end of my BA in Fine Arts and it became my final BA project in the form of two illustrated book that I edited with UPV Editorial of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The books are full of artwork that depicts the apocalyptic world of the Valkyries with digital and pencil illustrations. This project triggered my passion for concept art and visual development.
I've done these illustrations in 2010 and they were some of my first digital paintinggs. During this time I was drawing by pencil and colouring in Photoshop.
I exhibited some of the illustrations of Xx Valkyrie Projects in Spain (Valencia and A Coruña). One of my paintings is still hanging on the gallery wall of Café de Macondo in A Coruña (Rúa San Andrés, 106)
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